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March 15, 2005

Liberty on the March

Slowly but surely liberty is moving forward in the Middle East. Consider these recent developments;


  • Hundreds of thousands of Lebanese protested yesterday in Beruit, demanding withdrawal of Syrian forces. Estimates run as high as 800,000 to 1 million participants. This was the largest political protest that has ever occurred in the Middle East. NRO's The Corner blog has some great photographs (hat tip Little Red Blog)
  • Syrian Intelligence is pulling out of Lebanon
  • Even the UN is getting in on the act, demanding a timetable for full withdrawal
  • Although last week there was a large pro-Syrian rally, organized by the terrorist organization Hezbollah, they appear to have lost momentum. Trends favor complete Syrian withdrawal soon if the pressure is kept up.
  • All of this could conceiveably lead to the fall of the Assad regime in Damascus, although it is premature to make absolute predictions. Tyrannies are always more fragile than they appear. It's imperative that we keep the pressure on.

  • Iraqis raided the Jordanian embassy in Baghdad yesterday. The were angry that "...relatives of a Jordanian suicide bomber suspected of killing 125 people in the town of Hilla celebrated him as a martyr." Can't blame them. The Iraqi government also condemned the "espressions of joy" exibited by the family.
  • Chrenkoff has up "Good News from Iraq Part 23" Yes, Part 23. Check it out to find out how and why the MSM so often get their reporting totally wrong. You also might not have heard this elsewhere, but reconstruction is proceding despite attempts at sabatoge. You'll also find success stories of the new Iraqi army and police that you simply won't find elsewhere.
  • (Hat tip USS Neverdock for both Iraqi stories)

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