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November 13, 2005

Pinkos Update: Two More Nights at Walter Reed

Last Friday night marked 30 straight Fridays of counter-protest and pro-troops demonstrating by true American patriots outside of Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington DC.

If you haven't been following my posts on this, Walter Reed Army Medical Center is the main hospital in the US where soldiers are sent for rehabilitation. A radical leftist group called Code Pink Women for Peace started staging anti-war protests outside the main entrance to the hospital every Friday night in March of 2005. They chose that day because every Friday a busload of wounded troops leaves the hospital for an upscale Washington DC restaurant, and arrives back at the hospital at 9:15-30. This, of course, is a huge treat for them. When pulling into the hospital, the bus drives right by Code Pink and sees them and their signs. When they first started doing this they had several quite terrible one, including one that said "Maimed for a Lie". Word got out, and the good people at FreeRepublic.com ("Freepers") started staging counter-protests/Pro-Troop rallies on the two corners opposite the hospital entrance. From then on, every Friday night, the two sides face off. And every night that I've been there, we outnumber the Pinkos.

You can read all about the Pinkos early antics in this CNS news story. Due to media exposure, and the efforts of FreeRepublic and other blogger to expose them, Code Pink has since "toned down" their signs. No matter. We know who they really are.

I've only been attending since August 27, the week the story hit the national news. Since then I've beem able to make it most, but not all, Fridays.

You can read all of my posts on Walter Reed as well as other rallys and demonstrations by clicking on "Rallys and Protests" at left.

In this post are photos of the "Freeps" on October 29 and November 11.

Am Amazing Story

But before I get to photos, I want to relate an amazing story that I heard from an Iraqi Kurd at the demonstration November 11. I may not have quite all of the details right, but the outline is clear.

I'd first saw him amongst us at our counter to the anti-war protests in Washington DC this past Sept 24. We didn't have much of a conversation then, so when I met him Friday night I decided to ask him about his story, about how he came to be here in America. He looked about college age, which turned out to be exactly right.

He told me that he was rescued by American forces in 1988 during Saddam's brutal "Anfal" campaign in northern Iraq against the Kurds. He was 4 years old, and his family lived on a farm just outside of one of the villages Saddam attacked with chemical weapons. I think he said he became separated from his family (I'm not clear on this point), and that some American forces (Special Ops, I'm sure) came upon him and a young girl, all alone in this horror. He said they realized they just couldn't leave such young children, so they put them on their helicopter and took them to their base in Turkey. Eventually they got him and the girl to the US, where for awhile they lived on American bases. Eventually the paperwork got worked out, and they were adopted (separately, I think, although I didn't get details). Obviously our guys have been "checking things out" in Iraq long before the Gulf War. You gotta love that.

He is now going to school at (I believe) George Washington University. He said that a few months(?) ago he was reunited with the soldiers who saved him, they had some sort of get-together. He had made contact with relatives back in Iraq, and had plans to visit them next year. However, he stressed that "I'm an American now" so this was his new homeland.


Walter Reed October 29

Mother Sheehan herself showed up for a few brief moments. She didn't stay long, maybe because there were no TV cameras. In fact, she came and went before I could even get any photos of here. No biggie, though, because she had her coat collar turned up and hat on, and was across the street. My 3x telephoto wound't have gotten much of a photo. Go to the FreeRepublic post to see their much better photos.

Although I didn't get a photo of her, I did get some of her stupid bus. It kept driving up and down the street, mainly to annoy us on the partiotic side, I think.


(Warning - lots of pictures below, so you'll either need broadband lots of time before viewing the rest of the post!)

The big excitement that night came when they parked their bus illegally on the street and we called the cops. The police didn't come, and eventally one of leaders, kristinn, decided to go sit in front of it to block it in until they arrived.


This created a big fracas, as "the benches emptied", with both Freepers and Pinkos converging on the spot in front of the bus where Kristin was sitting (My apologies for the blurry photo. I had turned off the flash for a long-range night shot and forgot to turn it back on)


I took this opportunity to ask various anti-war types some questions about Code Pink's upcoming trip to Cuba:

- Are you going with Code Pink to Cuba for New Years?
- It's on their website, so I'm not making it up
- Will you be stopping at any of Fidel's prisons?
- You know Fidel imprisons gays just because they're gay, right?

None of them responded to me directly, but the Pinko organizers were obviously very unhappy with me.

Sorry, this photo's better. I had the flash back on.


The police showed up not long after all this, and with that each side hurried back to their respective positions. This was just what we wanted, as our objective the whole time had been to get the police out there to make them move their bus. The cops spoke to us and the Pinkos, and although I couldn't hear the conversations from my vantage point, it was clear that they were saying "we're not going to do anything this time, but let's not have that again, ok?"

November 11

Here is our largest banner, which we call the "MOAB" - Mother Of All Banners, and is about 10 times larger than anything the Pinkos have ever displayed. Kristinn and his wife bring it every Friday night. I've shown it before, but it's worth posting every time because it tells it like it is.


Beautiful, no?

It serves several purposes. One, an "in your face" to the Pinkos, two, the troops in the hospital can see it from their windows, and three, when the busload of soldiers drives by at 9:15-30, they can certainly see it (more on them below).

Here are a few photographs of personal signs that we have on our side. The signs shown below are typical of the many that we have every Friday night:



The Pinkos, on the other hand, have pretty pathetic signs. I thought lefties were supposed to be good at protesting, but this one sorry bunch. We outdo them every time in signage and in spirit. This one was absolutey unreadable


Well, that's what you get when you try to be artsy.

In this photo, the sign at left reads "WHY ISN'T A WAR CRIME", which of course makes no grammatical sense.


What It's All About

As I've mentioned, the bus carrying the wounded heros arrives back at Walter Reed at sometime between 9:15 and 9:30.

And every single night, the Pinkos pack up and leave at 9:00 sharp.

Why? They claim they're there for a "vigil", on behalf of the wounded troops.

Our best guess is that the Code Pink organizers know that the troops on the bus will flip them off, and they do not want their useful idiot followers to see this.

But no matter what their reason, it's fine by me that they leave. I want the troops to see us, not them. So immediately after the Pinkos abandon a corner, a bunch of us rush over to seize it. Oddly, it almost feels like we've capturued enemy territory, which in a way I suppose we have.

Anyway, when the busload of wounded heros shows up they get to see four corners of pro-America, pro-troop people, holding up partiotic signs.


And there it is, another Friday night outside of Walter Reed.

God Bless America

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Posted by Tom at November 13, 2005 9:30 PM

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Tom..I linked to you. I thought that was funny "capturing territory from the enemy". LOL

Posted by: kat-missouri at November 15, 2005 3:59 AM

Tom, I've got a banner to suggest for future use. It's on a T-shirt that was given to me by the creator, a talk jock in Corpus Christi. When I told him he needed to make it into a bumper sticker, he gave me one. It has a picture of Dubya pointing, and the words, "Protecting YOU, like it or not!" Ya gotta love it!

Posted by: DagneyT at November 16, 2005 2:54 PM

Nice writing and photography. I enjoy perusing your blog. I linked to your report but don't know how to trackback. I don't think blogger accepts it.

Posted by: Landry Fan at November 16, 2005 9:34 PM

Keep up the good work you and the Freepers are doing.

Posted by: seawitch at November 16, 2005 10:34 PM

WooHoo Tom - I found you!

Great job. I am glad you have joined us.

Posted by: Just A Nobody at November 19, 2005 11:22 PM

It's good to hear from everybody. Thank you for stopping by, and I hope to see you again!

Posted by: Tom the Redhunter at November 21, 2005 7:08 PM

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