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August 8, 2006

End this Stupid War

To all of my readers, after long and considered thought I have reached a conclusion.

We must petition our president to end this stupid war. Now. And if he does not, we should consider articles of impeachment.

I'll list my reasons below, but by now you're familiar with most of them; we're fighting someone who never attacked us, most of the fighting is in a part of the world that does not or should not concern us, our president has used the war to violate our civil liberties, he hides the true extend of US casualties, and has fought the war incompetently.

Yes we were attacked. Yes a response was necessary. But every since the attack on

December 7 1941, this president has used his powers to take us in a direction I never imagined he would. As such, it is time for action. Here then, is my case.

Germany Never Attacked Us

I accept that we need to fight Japan (but more on that later). But there is no reason for us to be fighting Germany and Italy.

Here is the timeline, for anyone who forgets;

1) December 7 Japan attacks us at Pearl Harbor
2) December 8, the US declares war on Japan
3) December 11, Germany declares war on the United States
4) December 11, the US declares war on Germany

But why did Germany declare war on us? It was not obligated to do so by the Tripartite Pact (the "axis" treaty), which was strictly defensive in nature, only obligating the parties to come to each others aid if they were attacked.

I'll tell you why; because Roosevelt provoked them.

US Provocations

The fact is that Roosevelt gave secret, illegal, orders(and here) to the US Navy to shoot on sight Germany U-Boats years before we were officially at war with them. If you doubt me, let it be remembered that on September 11 1941, Roosevelt ended all pretense and publicly stated that he had ordered the US Navy to shoot on sight German U-Boats. Who can blame Germany for declaring war on us after this?

In March of 1940, Roosevelt rammed "Lend-Lease" through Congress, the purpose of which was to aid Great Britain by shipping her war material. Who can blame Germany for being angry with us?

To top it all off, Roosevelt and that drunk Churchill in August of 1941 issued their "Atlantic Charter", which was basically a declaration of war on Germany. They did this on warships in the atlantic, and even forced the crew of the HMS Prince of Wales to sing "Onward Christian Solders" for their entertainment. Besides gross insensitivity towards non-Christians, this event shows that Roosevelt and Churchill believe that this is some sort of religious war that they are fighting, something totally out of place in our modern world.

Great Britain and France are to Blame

But didn't Germany attack Poland, you ask?

Oh yes, and it's The Great War all over again. Didn't we learn our lesson that time? Europe went to war because one stupid assassination triggered a series of declarations of war because all those countries had treaties with each other. Well, they've gone and done it again. If Great Britain and France were stupid enough to sign a defense treaty with Poland, that's their problem.

Besides, the whole thing could have been avoided if those two countries had treated Germany decently after The Great War. President Wilson even warned them that if they carried out their vicious plans it would only set the stage for another war. But no, they had to punish Germany way beyond what was necessary. All the Treaty of Versailles did was to create political and economic chaos in Germany. Who can blame them for bringing Hitler to power? Besides, by any economic measure, Germany is a better place now that he is in power.

The Arms Merchants

The Nye Commission conclusively proved that it was the arms merchants who suckered us into The Great War. Thanks to the indefatigable efforts of Senator Nye, we now know that it was their greed that led to untoward politcal influence. Far from being a war between "good" and "evil", it was all the works of munitions lobbyists paying off congressmen. The lesson, of course, was not to sell arms to beligerants in Europe.

Why Roosevelt has ignored this is beyond me. He claims it is a war between "good" and "evil", but we've heard that one before.

The situation is not any better with regard to Japan. Japan fears the United States because of our bases in the western Pacific, such as those on Guam, Wake Island, and especially the Philippines. We obtained those bases through our own imperialist expansion, obtaining the latter in a war we provoked with Spain at the end of the last century. Yes Japan's actions in China are deplorable. But did Roosevelt expect Japan not to respond when he imposed sanction after sanction on them?

No Accountability

After the disaster at Pearl Harbor, you would think that Roosevelt would have fired most of his military advisors. But then, you don't know Roosevelt and his cronies. Virtually all of the people who held office on December 7 are still in their positions today.

Secretary of War Henry Stimson, Still on the job.

Secretary of State Cordell Hull, still on the job.

Secretary of the Navy Frank Knox, still on the job.

Admiral Husband Kimmell and General Walter Short, commanders in Hawaii? They were cashiered. Which shows you the respect Roosevelt has for our military as opposed to his cronies in the cabinet.

Unprepared for War

You might think that someone who would lead us into war would at least be ready to fight it. But then you would think logically, unlike Roosevelt.

Despite years of "preparation", this is the situation that our armed forces found themselves in when war was actually declared:

- Every single one of our single and twin-engine warplanes were inferior to that of our enemies. Every single one
- 80% of our naval torpedoes were duds.
- Our army tanks were inferior to that of our enemy, and still are today. Worse, the Army has as it's stated policiy not to improve on the M-4 Sherman! Besides thin armor and a pitiful gun, they are powered by gasoline engines, while those of our enemies are powered by diesel. When hit by an enemy shell, a gasoline tank explodes, a diesel one burns. Our own troops call our tanks "ronson burners".
- Our navy built far too may battleships when it should have been concentrating on aircraft carriers.

I could go on but I think you get the point.

Military Incompetence

Roosevelt, when pressed, claims a number of "mistakes" were made. I call it incompetence. This war has been fought by amateures.

Remember these? Dieppe, Tarawa, Anzio, Manila? Or Operation Market Garden? Or how they tried to cover up the disaster of Exercise Tiger? How many American boys were killed because we underestimated enemy troop strengh at Iwo Jima? And don't think that things got any better with time; we were caught by surprise in the Ardennes and lost 19,000 brave Americans, the biggest loss of the war, and the ongoing effort to capture Okinowa looks to the be the most incompetently executed operation of all.

How about incompetent generals like Mark Clark. Or how about the kamikazes that plague our Pacific Fleet, and about which Nimitz has no idea how to stop? Admiral Halsey should have been fired after driving his fleet through a typhoon, but was inexplicably allowed to remain in command.

Out of Proportion

I will accept that we needed to respond to the Japanese attacks of December 7. But our response has been all out of proportion to the damage inflicted on us. Our stated goal is the unconditional surrender of the Axis powers. This implies occupation of their countries and punishing their leaders. But none of them has ever attacked the American homeland. Japan limited their attacks in Hawaii to military targets, yet report after report shows American aircraft bombing civilian and "industrial" targets in Germany and Japan. Our response should be proportionate; recapture the islands that Japan took in the opening days of the war and stop there.

American Atrocities

There is great evidence that there is a deliberate policy of murdering enemy soldiers. For example, Japan is estimated to have had 21,000 soldiers defending Iwo Jima, yet only 1083 survived the battle. It deflies the imagination to think that had Roosevelt been so bloodthirsty, he could not have asked his commanders to negotiate the surrender of more Japanese troops.

Further, our strategy in the Pacific is to bypass some Japanese held islands, leaving them to "wither on the vine". Translation; starve them to death. This is a violation of th rules of war. The least we could do is allow humanitarian agencies to ship food and medical supplies to the Japanese soldiers on these islands. But of course Roosevelt has seized all food through his rationing program.

Then there is our bombing of civilian targets. General Curtis Lemay, newly appointed commender of the Army Air Force's XX Bomber Command in the Pacific, has ordered our bombers to drop incendaries - firebombs - on civilian targets in Japan. Reports from the field tell of fantastic destruction of Japanese cities, especially Tokyo. It is apparent that our commanders are making little or no distinction between civilian and military targets in these campaigns.

The situation is the same in Europe. American and British bombers regulary attack German cities, taking little care as to what they hit. The recent "carpet-bombing" of Dresden is said to have caused massive civilian casualties for little or no military gain.

Alliance with the Devil

Although this is said to be a war against evil, we are allied with some of the worse dictators on the planet; Joseph Stalin in Russia and Chiang Kai-shek of China. At least Hitler can claim one democratic election (albeit a plurality), which is more than what Stalin or Chaing can claim. Not only are we allied with these two dictators, we ship them supplies. We cannot claim to be on the side of "good" as long as we are allied with such people.

Hiding the Cost of War

Roosevelt has gone out of his way to hide the cost of this war from the American people. He has forbade newspapers from publishing photos of dead Americans, and newsreels, which are nothing but propaganda, only show "happy scenes".

Roosevelt also manipulates the media at every turn, and newspapers that publish things he does not like are said to be "unpatriotic." There are even a series of posters which purport to tell us that anyone who publishes leaked information is unpatriotic. This assault on our civil liberties must stop.

In addition, mail that our brave troops send to their loved ones at home is censored. Besides the obvious violation of civil rights, it is clear that the real purpose of this is to hide the horror of the war from the American people.

The Bottom Line

We need to force this president to end the war immediately. We should bring our troops home before they get stuck in Japan or Germany for an indefinate amount of time. Even at this late date, negotiations are still possible. We should not allow ourselves to be beholden to the bloodthirsty war aims of Churchill or Stalin. If Roosevelt does not comply, articles of impeachment should be drafted.

Next up - A Decade of Failure

Posted by Tom at August 8, 2006 8:45 AM

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I almost had a heart attack when I read the front page of this. Imagine my horror when a conserva-buddy of mine flips the switch and goes screaming, bleeding heart liberal freakazoid!

This is an excellent and well thought out piece. I am very impressed with the skill you can bring to the table.

Posted by: Jeremy Author Profile Page at August 9, 2006 1:18 AM

Great stuff. It's almost like I'm reading Chomsky.

In a similar vein, The People's Cube recently did a satire decrying the disproportionate use of force by the Jews...during the Warsaw Ghetto uprising.


Posted by: The Foreigner at August 15, 2006 3:40 PM

What a complete idiot. There are so many "factual" errors on this page that you shame your family. Hitler wanted to erdicate all life on the planet that didnt have blue eyes and blonde hair. He wanted to create the master race, which he claimed was the German race. Dr. Mengela took young jewish Children and literally cut them in half to perform his experiments to help Hitler develop his master race.
The Japanese were (and I emphasize the word "were")the most barbaric animals this planet has ever known. They systematically took the Philipines, executing every man they could find in front of their children and wives, by chopping their heads off with Machetes. Theyn they turned their attention on the wives and girls in the families, viciously gang raping them for their entertainment.
Now I read this piece of shit revisionism, and some of you idiots are so dense you think this guy is giving out facts?!? He is a bleeding heart liberal who NEEDS to distort facts for his ideology to be even remotely attractive.

The fact is Japan attacked the US completely unprovoked. Behind the scenes from, now declassified information, Germany used the Japanese in an attempt to eliminate the US as a threat to his sick and twisted plans to take over Europe and Asia...the Japanese were used as fools, missing the one real problem for them, if the japanese had succeeded what would have been their fate..they were not blond or blue eyed either? they were played as ignorant suckers, Hitler used the Japanese and their barbaric tactics to further his own vision...the jews were first the rest of us were next.

Posted by: James Gallagher at October 29, 2006 1:24 PM

Easy guys. This is only a satyre.

Posted by: "Chuck at March 8, 2007 9:49 PM

I meant a satire. Me and my typos.

Posted by: "Chuck" at March 8, 2007 9:50 PM

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