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June 2, 2012

Romney is Rocking

It is safe to say that there is a general consensus on the right that Mitt Romney is running a good or even a very good campaign. In recent weeks I have heard this from many of my conservative friends who supported other candidates during the primary. I've also seen this around the Internet, where some of my favorite bloggers like Neo-Neocon, Sister Toldjah, and Mike's America are now basically singing Mitt's praises. And believe you me, if Mitt were faltering, they, and I, would be criticizing him.

Here is one of Romney's latest that nails Obama and good as being the king of "crony capitalism:"

Powerline Blog has a good piece summarizing the thoughts of many on the right:

These Aren't Your Father's Republicans
by John Hinderacker
May 31, 2012

One of the most heartening aspects of the early stages of the presidential race has been the Romney campaign's aggressiveness. Nothing discourages activists more than getting out front of a candidate who, it later turns out, isn't willing to do what it takes to win. A number of Republicans of recent years could be said to fit that description, most recently John McCain. But not Mitt Romney.

We've seen it over and over: the Obama campaign will launch an attack, and in next to no time, the Romney team hits back-twice as hard, as President Obama and Glenn Reynolds both like to say. It happened with the smear of Ann Romney, it happened with the dog on the roof, it happened with the silly "war on women," it happened with the administration's clumsy attack on Bain Capital, and it happened again today with the Democrats' attempt to denigrate Romney's service as Governor of Massachusetts.

A campaign can resemble a boxing match. Obama thinks he sees an opening and takes a swing at Romney. But before he can do any damage, he realizes he has walked into a counterpunch. Bam! Romney rocks him, and Obama retreats in disarray. Romney has shown himself already to be a top-notch counterpuncher.

His campaign has shown itself to be tough in other ways, too. When reporters pressed Romney to repudiate Donald Trump because he has been a "birther," Romney flatly refused. (Maybe Obama should be asked to repudiate his literary agent, who also, evidently, is a "birther.") This is exactly the right course. When Obama apologizes for Bill Maher and urges his SuperPac to return Maher's million dollars, then Romney can at least consider repudiating someone who supports him-if, that is, he can find anyone remotely as unsavory as Maher.
Of course, amid all of the punching and counterpunching it is vital for Romney to stay on message, and not be distracted away from the all-important issue of the economy. He has done a good job of that, too. Today he held a surprise press conference at Solyndra. What I liked about Romney's comments at Solyndra is that he didn't just focus on the financial loss to the taxpayers, or accept the implicit assumption that everything would have been fine if only the company hadn't gone out of business. Rather, he talked about the differences between free enterprise and government cronyism:


Wonder what Mitt Romney will do on Day One of his presidency? Wonder no more, as here are two very effective ads that have been running on TV:

Here he speaks about the Promise of America. Guess what, it's not about taking money from one group and giving it to another as part of some redistribution of wealth scheme:

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