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August 20, 2012

"How Hatred Became a Liberal Value"

Pretty dynamite charge, but sadly to say it's all too true. Via David French at The Corner:

How Hatred Became a Liberal Value
Paul A. Rahe
Aug 16, 2012

Politics is generational. Consider the thuggery practiced by the Democrats recently in Wisconsin. Force, intimidation, and openly partisan, unprofessional conduct on the part of judges, civil servants, physicians, and policemen became on the part of left-liberals the order of the day, and no one on the left stood up to denounce this conduct. Now, thanks to our President's admiration for the tactics of Saul Alinsky, others in other states are imitating the deportment of the Wisconsin left-liberals - not only heckling Republican candidates but attempting to storm the platforms on which they speak.

I remember when left-liberals insisted on civility. I remember when they condemned the tactics of intimidation championed by the New Left. I remember when progressives insisted on impartiality on the part of judges, civil servants, policemen, and those who purported to be reporting the news (as opposed to espousing opinion). There were always exceptions to the rule. Dan Rather was playing tricks as early as 1963. But, when caught and exposed, these exceptions took it on the chin. Today they rarely even apologize.

I remember when liberals sported on their automobiles bumper stickers reading, "Hatred is not a Family Value." Then, back in 2003, in The New Republic, Jonathan Chait wrote an essay explaining why it was legitimate to hate George W. Bush, and the dam burst. Civility is no longer a liberal ideal. And now - as yesterday's armed attack on the Family Research Council in Washington, the five-hour delay in President Obama's condemnation of the act as he calculated whether it was in his interest to comment or not, and the mainstream media's initial reluctance to report on the event, much less highlight the activist LGBT connections of the shooter suggest - left liberals are willing to wink at violence. It may be regrettable, they think, but, like stealing elections, it is all in a good cause - and before figuring out how to respond to an outbreak of violence on the part of their allies, they pause to calculate the political consequences. You will not hear liberals arguing for a crackdown on the use of force by animal-rights activists, environmental activists, union thugs, and the Occupy movement. Instead, you will find in them a desperate hankering to pin on the Tea Party responsibility for conduct the Tea-Partiers abhor and a willingness to engage in race-baiting and talk of class warfare on a stunning scale.

The truth is that it is a short distance from the hatred preached by Jonathan Chait to assassination, and five and six years ago there was a great deal of open, public fantasizing along these lines by left liberals.

Posted by Tom at August 20, 2012 10:23 PM

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What's wrong, Tom, cat got your tongue on this Todd Aken deal?

Posted by: RwNutbag at August 21, 2012 7:59 PM

No, I've just got a busy life which leaves little time to blog. I was planning on denouncing him tonight but have to run off to a meeting so it'll be a few hours. You can believe that or not, I really don't care. This is not a news site and I am under no obligation as to what I choose to post about.

Posted by: The Redhunter Author Profile Page at August 22, 2012 5:48 PM

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