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September 3, 2012

You Know the Democrats are Desperate When...

racism (def): A conservative winning an argument with a liberal

Back some 20 odd years ago Chris Matthews was a half-decent reporter and talking head on the TV shows. Slowly, but surely, though, he's gone round the bend. These days he's so far over the top I didn't now whether to laugh or cry when I saw this segment

When asked about the interview afterwords, RNC Chair Priebus could only state the obvious: Chris Matthews was "intent on taking the banner (and) being the biggest jerk in the room, and when someone is spitting as they're talking, and when screaming and acting hysterical, you just look at the guy and say, he's making the case why the Barack Obama brand is
broken. It's broken, it's not what the president said it was, it's divisive, it's hateful, it's everything he said it wasn't, and Chris Matthews is his perfect surrogate." and "he's got about 10 views a night on his show...it's not a serious program."

Sounds about right. By any rational thinking, white racism in America is at an all time low. But because there's so little of it, the liberals have to make it up:

Dog-WhistlingPast the Graveyard
Are there any words left that aren't racist?
September 1, 2012
By Mark Steyn

The less (racism in America) there is, the more extravagantly the racism-awareness lobby patrols its beat. The Walmart carding clerks of the media are ever more alert to those who "appear to be" racist. On MSNBC, Chris Matthews declared this week that Republicans use "Chicago" as a racist code word. Not to be outdone, his colleague Lawrence O'Donnell pronounced "golf" a racist code word. When Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell observed that Obama was "working to earn a spot on the PGA tour," O'Donnell brilliantly perceived that subliminally associating Obama with golf is racist, because the word "golf" is subliminally associated with "Tiger Woods," and the word "Tiger" is not so subliminally associated with cocktail waitress Jamie Grubbs, nightclub hostess Rachel Uchitel, lingerie model Jamie Jungers, former porn star Holly Sampson, etc., etc. So by using the word "golf" you're sending a racist dog-whistle that Obama is a sex addict who reverses over fire hydrants. ...

...as dysfunctional as Greece undoubtedly is, if you criticize the government's plans for public-pensions provision, there are no Chris Matthews types with such a highly evolved state of racial consciousness that they reflexively hear "watermelon" instead of the word "pensions." So instead everyone discusses the actual text rather than the imaginary subtext. Which may be why political discourse in the euro zone is marginally less unreal than ours right now: At least they're talking about "austerity"; over here we're still spending, and more than ever.

Time's Mark Halperin wrote this week that "Obama can't win if he can't swing the conversation away from the economy." That's a pretty amazing admission. The economy is the No. 1 issue on the minds of voters, and, beyond that, the central reality of Obama's America. But to win the president has to steer clear. That doesn't leave a lot else. Hence, the racism of golf, the war on women, the carcinogenic properties of Mitt Romney. Democrat strategy 1992: It's the economy, stupid. Democrat strategy 2012: It's the stupidity, economists.

Except that for the Obama Campaign, it can't be about the economy. With unemployment going up, gas prices staying high, the worst "recovery" in modern history, skyrocketing national debt, and a terribly unpopular piece of health care legislation as his "accomplishments," he has no option other than to try and change the subject.

For a long time the Democrats have long been the party of Joe McCarthy on this matter. Too many in the media not only go along, but as we have seen in the example above, they actively do their dirty work for them. False and slanderous charges have become all too common. This is not to say that all Democrats or liberals, or liberal members of the media engage in this behavior, any more than Republicans or Conservatives engage in any type of behavior, but it has become typical of their movement.

So, to finish my title, you know the Democrats are desperate when they play the race card. They see that Team Romney-Ryan has a real chance of winning. They're worried, and their partisans in the press will help them do their job.

So look for more false charges of racism in the months ahead. Some will come from liberal media-types, some will come from Democrat office-holders, and some of it will come directly from the Obama Campaign itself. The better Romney and Ryan do, the more unhinged and irrational the attacks will get. This will be a wild campaign, so hang onto your seats, because here we go.

Tuesday Update

Here is an absolutely hilarious video mocking the "dog whistle" left on this issue:

Posted by Tom at September 3, 2012 9:00 PM

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I think Paul Ryan might have acted in a racist way when he claimed his marathon time approached the time of one of those great anti-colonialist Kenyan runners.

Posted by: Elroy at September 4, 2012 8:13 AM

Oh, I see Aussie Elroy made his way here. You can keep him Tom. I'm overquota for babysitting willfully delusional lefties.

But don't let him get away with with that whopper about "hundreds of thousands of Americans are literally starving in the streets."

Now, to topic. LOVED the video!

And the Mark Steyn article hits the nail on the head (is that a racist thought?) as always.

We know why the Dems play the race card. It's because they have no new ideas and can't or won't work honestly with the Republicans on anything.

It's no secret that Obama is reported to be the most polarizing president in modern American history. Rather than lead or work honestly with the other side he uses his surrogates to propagate fake racial myths.

All of this is coming from the guy who promised his election would not only "heal the planet" but heal our politics as well. No more fears right Barack? Yeah... sure!

Posted by: Mike's America at September 5, 2012 2:14 AM

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