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October 6, 2012

Romney Rocks, Obama Empty Suit in First Debate

Mitt Romney schooled Barack Obama and good in their first debate Oct 3 on domestic policy at the University of Denver.


The RNC video "Smirk" shows exactly why Obama did so poorly:

President Obama thinks he's too good to debate Governor Romney, let alone any Republican. He didn't prepare very well because he thinks he's so smart that by definition his arguments will win the day and no one on the right can poke any holes in them.

For the last four years he's been surrounded by yes-men and women who tell him what he wants to hear and only reinforce his preconceived notions and do not seriously challenge any of his core beliefs. The press core fawns all over him and asks softball questions. He does not hold regular press conferences so is not used to answering difficult questions. He does not like to engage with members of his own party, let alone Republicans, so again he is not used to being challenged.

It's one thing to despise your opponent. It's another to take that to where you don't take him seriously and do not properly prepare for something as important as a presidential debate. That this was so obviously the case speaks volumes about the president.

Almost unanimously, Liberal and conservative commentators alike agreed Romney not only won, but won decisively. In their panic, some liberals have grasped at various excuses, most notably that moderator Jim Lehrer did a poor job. But none of these hold up. Whatever faults Lehrer may have had were overwhelmed by the performance of the candidates themselves.

In short, not only did Mitt Romney do much better than I or most people expected, but Barack Obama did much worse. It was the combination of those two factors that led to such a lopsided performance.

Romney was clear, concise, confident, and knowledgeable. He spoke in paragraphs and had complete command of the subject material. He spoke well without "um" or "uh." He controlled the debate, and "schooled" Obama but was polite about it; no honest person can say he was mean or nasty.

On the other hand, Obama looked like he was winging it the whole time. He spoke hesitantly, said "um"and "uh" constantly, and didn't have any but a surface understanding of the issues. He lost almost every single exchange. He even failed to bring up many of the very things he has been hammering his opponent on in the campaign such as Bain Capital, Romney's taxes, or the "47 percent" video. This was simply astounding.

Romney was clearly enjoying himself, while Obama looked like he wanted it all to end almost from the moment he began

There are two more presidential debates. Surely the president will do better, but I don't think he'll improve as much as his supporters think. What the first debate revealed is just what you saw; Obama is an empty suit.

Whether the debate will lift Romney remains to be seen. He needs to capitalize on it in his regular campaign, and needs to continue to dominate the next two debates. Vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan also needs to do well in his.

History is mixed regarding how much debates affect the outcome, and often the candidate who loses his first debate goes on to win in the end. Reagan lost his first debate to Mondale in 1984, and Bush to Kerry in 2004, and we know how those turned out. On the other hand, those debates weren't so lopsided as this one, and unemployment was a lot lower.

So I'm not making any predictions as to the effect on the election, but I will say that any Democrat who thought that this election was in the bag should have had that notion destroyed by the first debate.

Posted by Tom at October 6, 2012 7:30 AM

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Romney got anywhere from 2-5 point bounce in various polls. Unfortunately, that was cut short by the phony jobs number on Friday.

I notice our liberal "friends" are keeping their heads down. I guess they are too embarrassed to admit what we have been saying about their hero all along.

Posted by: Mike's America at October 8, 2012 8:17 PM

I have noticed that too, Mike, the liberals are suddenly absent. When the going gets tough, they get going...away!

Posted by: The Redhunter Author Profile Page at October 15, 2012 10:55 PM

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