September 15, 2007

Fight for Victory Tour - Sept 15 in Washington DC


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Updated Sept 4! Scroll to bottom of this post for the latest

General Petraeus will make his report to Congress Sept 11-15. On Saturday, September 15, thousands will gather in our nation's capital to show their support for our troops and their mission.

Melanie Moran's Move America Forward will lead a cross-country caravan called the Fight for Victory Tour. They will leave Sacramento California on September 3 and end up in Washington DC on September 15. Along they way they will stop in 25+ cities, holding a rally in each one. There they will partner with other groups in holding what promises to be a large rally on the mall. Before reading on, please watch her message

Thousands of communists from International ANSWER will also gather in Washington DC to show their distain for our troops, our country, and everything that is right, good, and true.

We must NOT let them have the day to themselves. This past March 17 ANSWER held a war protest in Washington DC. A Gathering of Eagles met them and effectively countered them. We need to do this again.

Try to participate in one of the rallies if at all possible. Here is the current list of cities in which rallies will be held:

* Carson City, NV
* Sacramento, CA
* San Francisco, CA
* Modesto, CA
* Fresno, CA
* Los Angeles, CA
* San Diego, CA
* Yuma, AZ
* Phoenix, AZ
* Tucson, AZ
* Las Cruces, NM
* El Paso, TX
* San Antonio, TX
* Waco, TX
* Crawford, TX
* Dallas, TX
* Oklahoma City, OK
* Wichita, KS
* Kansas City, MO
* Des Moines, IA
* Cedar Rapids, IA
* Chicago, IL
* Indianapolis, IN
* Cincinnati, OH
* Columbus, OH
* Pittsburgh, PA
* Washington D.C.


More information can be found on the Move America Forward website.

I will be in Washington DC that day with the Patriots. Hope to see you there. If you can't make it to DC, see if you can make it one of the rallies in the other cities.

Update - Aug 16

The communists have been putting these posters all over Washington DC. I've seen them driving to Walter Reed these past few Fridays. Turns out they didn't follow the law in putting them up, and and the DC government has fined ANSWER some $10,000. The ANSWER folks are all in a snit over it.

Heh heh


August 24 Update

The bravest blogger there is, Michelle Malkin, is on the case with a post titled The Return of the Eagles

They’re coming back to Washington, D.C. Will you stand with them? As you’ll recall, the first Gathering of Eagles in March to counter the White Flag mob drew unprecedented masses to the nation’s capital in support of the troops and their mission. In 33 days, the Eagles and a number of similar organizations plan to answer the ANSWER crowd again.

Flashback time: Here's Michelle's Hot Air video report from the March GOE

August 28 Update I

It would appear that some in the anti-war camp are trying to say that the White House is going to tell General Petraeus what to say. The charge is rubbish, and Blackfive explains why.

August 28 Update II

These are the organizations partnering with Move America Forward in the Fight for Victory Tour

* Vets for Freedom

* Gathering of Eagles
* Eagles Up!
* Protest Warriors
* Free Republic
* American Patriot Council
* Mil. Order of Purple Heart
* Freedom's Watch
* Families United

August 29 Update

According to this report posted at Free Republic ANSWER has received a second $10,000 fine from the DC government. I can't confirm if this is true or not, but the ANSWER folks and their leftist allies are squawking over the first fine as it is. Of course, they're not saying why they were fined, just complaining that their First Amendment rights have somehow been violated.

Sorry guys, but it's not unreasonable for the DC government to regulate how and where you put your posters.

August 30 Update

Michelle Malkin gives the Gathering of Eagles a plug in her column

As retired Army Col. Harry Riley explains, “Unlike the ‘60s and ‘70s, the antiwar lemmings will not have the streets or the political stage to themselves. This time, Eagle Americans — we who support our troops, understand the stakes in the War on Terror and the true nature of our enemy, who aren’t blinded by an insane hatred of our way of life and our form of government — will also be in Washington, D.C., to show Congress that we will not tolerate another betrayal of our own forces or our allies. . . . While the anti-democracy forces are well-funded by pro-left, anti-Americans, we Eagles have steadily been building our own coalition to stop ANSWER in its tracks, and keep Congress focused on winning the war, not their political ambitions.”

I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

Neither would I.

September 1 Update

Via Burkean Reflections (also newly added to my blogroll) comes this new ad from Freedom's Watch

September 4 Update

The caravan is rolling! Presidential candidate Duncan Hunter spoke at the Carson City rally. Now don't you feel bad if you live within driving distance and didn't go? Hunter is one of my favorites, though so far he can't seem to break out of the second-tier.

Check out Move America Forward's Daily File for the latest.

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March 17, 2007

A Gathering of Patriots

It was a historic day in Washington DC today when thousands and thousands of American war veterans and other patriots gathered to show their support for the troops currently serving in Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as counter the moonbats of International ANSWER and other sumilar groups.

Months ago when they set this up, ANSWER no doubt thought they'd have the day largely to themselves. But not this time. First, the incident on Jan 27 at the UPJ protest where anarchists spray-painted the capital made a lot of people mad. Second, ANSWER decided to start their march at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. That torqued off Vietnam veterans, who remember well how they were stabbed in the back by leftist protesters and said they're not going to use our memorial extremist agenda.

A grassroots organization called a Gathering of Eagles sprang up to take action. Melanie Morgan led a caravan across America called "These Colors Don't Run", making her final stop the Mall in Washington DC. Sgt. Artie Muller, Founder and Executive Director of Rolling Thunder, put out a call to all chapters to show up at the Wall on March 17, because "we do not want, nor will we tolerate a repeat of what happened at the U.S. Capitol." Veterans for Victory and Free Republic also put forth a full-press efforts.

The result was that although it was a cold, windy and muddy day on the Mall in Washington DC, thousands of Vietnam veterans and other patriots showed up to show their support for our troops currently serving and to make sure the moonbats knew that their message was not appreciated and that if you got right down to it, they were a bunch of traitorous idiots.

And if you don't believe me when I say these things about ANSWER, check out David Horowitz entry on them at DiscoverTheNetwork, and if that's not enough for you take it from David Corn himself, a writer for the leftist magazing The Nation. His October 2002 article on them tells it all.

I got uptown at about 8:30m, and made my way to 21st and Constitution, across from which on the Mall was the Gathering of Patriots sponsored by the aforementioned groups. People continued to show up all morning, but there were several hundred there when I arrived. Our space (all reserved by permit) was maybe 200 yards from the Vietnam Memorial(more on it later). ANSWER and other traitors had permits for other areas. In between the permit areas hundreds roamed freely. Perhaps it was my perception from where I was, but it seemed like the vast majority of them were on our side.

As you'll see from the photos below, there were a huge number of Vietnam vets there


American flags were at the patriot rally by the hundreds. I saw not one among the leftists.


In this one you can see the stage and other tents in the background. Behind that is Constitution Avenue, where later that morning we countered some moonbats on the march, including the odious Code Pink.


I thought this next sign was especially good


After awhile we decided to pay our respects to the Vietnam Memorial itself. I've been there before, but it seemed like a good thing to do today. Before today's event there was a lot of talk on blogs by lefties about how "we're going to the wall and what are you going to do about it? (I even had one such comment). Veterans and other patriots were understandable nervous, given the episode in January where the Capitol steps were defaced, and because of how in general leftists tend to act at their protests.

Fortunately the Park Police had the situation well under control. They fenced off the memorial, and limited access to a single point where they used metal detectors to search everybody. All liquids and aerosols were banned, as you might imagine. There was a line of a few hundred waiting to get in, and it took us maybe 1/2 hour to make it to security.

While waiting in line we could hear the ANSWER rally getting underway a few hundred yards away by the Lincoln Memorial. I can't be certain but I think we heard the disgraceful Cindy Sheehan parroting whatever latest talking points were handed to her. We heard a few other speakers rant and rave about the usual stuff. We also heard them play Calypso music, which we thought odd.

If you click to enlarge the below photo, you'll notice that the lady at lower right talking on her cell phone has on a Dennis Kucinich sweatshirt.


The First Moonbats Arrive!

After visiting the memorial we headed back to the Gathering of Eagles where we were earlier. No sooner had we arrived when we noticed a crowd of leftists marching down the sidewalk on Constitution Avenue. They were headed to the area by the Lincoln Memorial where ANSWER was holding their pre-march rally.

A crowd of patriots quickly gathered to see the sight and express their wonder. It was my impression that most of the patriots had not been to a leftist "anti-war" protest before, so had never seen real moonbats in the flesh. I say this because the general attitude of most of them, especially I think of the Vietnam vets from Rolling Thunder, was more one of amused contempt than anything else.

The leftists had to weed their way through a crowd of patriots that lined both sides of the sidewalk. Note to any leftists reading this: Don't get your panties in a wad, the moonbats were allowed to pass peacefully. Most of what the crowd of patriots did was chant "USA! USA! USA!" again and again. We were quite loud and drowned out even one leftist who had a megaphone


Do I even need to say that all of the American flags were in the hands of the patriots?

I got closer and mixed it up with the crowd. It was quite a mob scene there for awhile, but everyone was totally self-controlled.


Next came the nutjobs of Code Pink (exposed here at DiscoverTheNetwork). This bunch has the bad-taste to hold "anti-war" protests outside Walter Reed Army Medical Center every Friday night(Details here, here, and here. In January 2005 we got them moved down the street so that they're no longer at the main entrance, but of course they shouldn't be there at all. Everyone has a right to protest, but it is disgraceful that they choose to do it in front of a military hospital. Over my year and a half of countering them there, I've spoken with hundreds of veterans and their families, and can tell you that whatever they think about President Bush or the war, they despise Code Pink.

This one with the megaphone was completely drowned out by the crowd of patriots who were shouting "USA! USA! USA!" over and over.


Here's Code Pink Nutjob-in-Chief Media Benjamin. Last year I and some other Freepers had a run-in with her and co-nutjob Gail Murphy in front of Walter Reed when they came up to confront us. Big mistake. Gail was actually beside Media but they went by so fast I wasn't able to get them both.


The ANSWER March

After all this we decided to head over to the Lincoln Memorial to see the moonbats as they marched from their gathering spot across the Memorial Bridge to get closer to the Pentagon. We brought with us several Free Republic American flags, as well as few banners. It was too windy to fly the banners, so we set up the flags and carried them.

Much to my delight there were hundreds if not thousands of Rolling Thunder Vietnam veterans and other patriots lining the march route ( From my vantage point I could not be sure how many people there where. Patriots were lined up on both sides of the Lincoln Memorial and across the bridge as well).

The ANSWER people are marching from right to left in these photos. The Lincoln Memorial is behind me, and in this first photo you can see the marchers start to make their way across the bridge. You can also see red Che Guevara flags carried by the moonbats. See why I called them communists in my earlier post rallying people to join us for this day?


In addition to the patriots on the street below lining the march route, many hundreds more stood atop the wall around the Lincoln Memorial.


Lots of flags among the patriots, none that I saw among the leftists. Update: Actually, a few photos below there are some leftists carrying an American flag. Of course, it's upside down, so it doesn't really count. Ever notice how leftists can't just fly the American flag straight? They have to jazz it up with a peace symbol in place of the stars or fly it upside down or something.


Of course the "9-11 Truthers" were there. I saw a few dozen signs like this one


More idiots


But lots and lots of patriots



A large group of patriotic war veterans just turned their backs on the protesters


Update: :

Initially I posted an estimate that there were 30,000 patriots in attendance. Since I cannot confirm that, I have removed that section and added this next paragraph:

Estimates are all over the place with regard to how many people were in attendance. Whatever the figures, the bottom line is that the leftists were successfully challenged by large numbers of patriots. The leftists expected to have the public square to themselves. The hard-core leftists may have liked a challenge, but the average person who just thought they'd show up for a "peace" march wasn't expecting to be challenged by thousands of Vietnam veterans. These leftists did not have a good time, and for that I am pleased.

The reaction of the patriots ranged from angry words, to shouted but not-angry words, to bemused contempt. Most of the older veterans just stood there shaking their heads. Most of the yelling, I think, was by the younger people (in this case under 50!), which isn't really surprising. My first few counter-protests I joined in some of the hollering, but these past few I've more just observed. Maybe I'm jaded or the novelty has just gone out of it for me.

So the ANSWER people made their way across the Memorial Bridge into Arlington where they held another rally and I'm sure railed against BushCo some more. But we were done, victims of both an early morning rise and hours out in the cold wind. The communists could have their fun in Arlington without us, for we had made our point.

It was certainly an historic day to remember.

Other Coverage

Michelle Malkin was there, and has photos and commentary. She says that they'll have video on Hot Air Monday.

BlogmeisterUSA was there and has photos and commentary.

7.62mm Justice was there and says he'll post pictures later.

Age of Hooper has one video up and I would expect more tomorrow or shortly thereafter. Update: Hooper now has another video and two photo essays up. One is of the Moonbats and the other of the Gathering of Eagles.

I saw Tantor of Conservative Propaganda there, but he was too far away for me to get his attention. Look for a post from him soon. Update: Tantor's first post is up. Part II is now up as well, and he promises a Part III. Lots of good photos and commentary. Update II: Part III and even a Part IV (the last I think) is up. Definately worth a visit.

This Ain't Hell has excellent photos and commentary.

Mary Katharine Ham was there and has video of the speakers at the Gathering of Eagles.

Semper Gratus has good pics from the area around the Lincoln Memorial and Memorial Bridge.

This post on Free Republic has several good photos.

Michelle Malkin has her own photo essay up as well as links to many other blogs, including this one (Thank you Michelle!)

Update: Hot Air has three new videos up: Here is their main show on the Gathering of Eagles. If you don't follow any other links, make sure you go see this one. It's one of their best. In this one Bryan has posted a photo essay, and at bottom is a video of Kristinn Taylor of Free Republic being interviewed on Fox News. And here you can see Move America Forward's TV commercial which will be shown on national TV starting Monday. Be sure to watch all of them.

Media Accounts

The Washington Post's headline was "4 Years After Start of War, Anger Reigns:
Demonstrators Brave Cold to Carry Message to Pentagon, as Counter-Protesters Battle Back". A bit overly dramatic, I think. Maybe I'm a bit jaded after having been to several of these, but I think that between the story and accompanying photo essay they tried to make it sound a whole lot "angrier" than it really was. Read the blogs for comparison

The Washington Times, on the other hand, headlined their shorter story "Anti-war protesters echo Vietnam", which was more accurate, I thought. Not as much detail, but they avoid the hyperbole of the Post.

Final Update

SMASH (who is also an occasional visitor to our Walter Reed FReeps) was uptown and filed a report on his site. What's interesting is that he goes into the history of ANSWER and the 2004 split within the Workers World Party which I did not know about. The ones who left the WWF formed the Party for Socialism and Liberation, and they now control ANSWER. The WWP formed a front group called the Troops Out Now Coalition. The odious Brian Becker has switched his membership from the WWF to the PSL as evidenced by this article he wrote which was recently published in the magazine of the PSL titled "Why We Are Marching on the Pentagon".

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Mark Your Calendar for March 17

This post will stay at the top until March 17
Updated March 12, scroll to bottom

The communists at International ANSWER have planned an "anti-war" protest for Saturday, March 17th, in our nation's capital.

We cannot let them have the day to themselves. If at all possible, please make arrangements to come to Washington DC and help us counter these people. We cannot let them deface our capital unchallenged. As the date draws nearer I'll post information on where we will meet to counter these traitors, but for now just make note of March 17 your calendar.

From the ANSWER website

On March 17, 2007, the 4th anniversary of the start of the criminal invasion of Iraq, tens of thousands of people from around the country will descend on the Pentagon in a mass demonstration to demand: U.S. Out of Iraq Now! 2007 is the 40th anniversary of the historic 1967 anti-war march to the Pentagon during the Vietnam War. The message of the 1967 march was "From Protest to Resistance," and marked a turning point in the development of a countrywide mass movement. ...

The March 17 demonstration will assemble at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial (Constitution Gardens) at 12 noon in Washington, D.C.and march to the Pentagon.

Among the endorsers listed on their website; moonbat-in-chief Cindy Sheehan.

But of course.


It would appear that ANSWER miscalculated by announcing that they would start at the Vietnam Memorial. There has been a strong reaction from veterans groups who do not want their memorial used by the extreme left.

Move America Forward
has organized a "These Colors Don't Run" National Caravan. It will start in San Francisco on March 8 and work it's way across the country, ending up in Washington DC on Friday, March 16th. They will set up a "Flag City" on the Capitol Mall that day. That evening they will be with Free Republic at Walter Reed Army Medical Center to show support for the troops.

On Saturday they are sponsoring a "Patriotic/Pro-Troop Rally with Move America Forward, A Gathering of Eagles, Free Republic, Rolling Thunder, Vets for Victory
& Others"

The message from Rolling Thunder's Founder and Executive Director Sgt. Artie Muller is particularly strong:

On March 17, 2007 a group of anti-war protestors are planning to march to the Pentagon from Washington, D.C. The March 17th anti-war demonstration will assemble at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial (Constitution Gardens) at 12 noon in Washington, D.C. and march to the Pentagon. In order to ensure that the Wall and other Memorials in the general area are not defaced, like what happened at the anti-war demonstration at the U.S. Capitol on January 27th. I am requesting that as many Rolling Thunder, Inc. chapters, members and supporters that can make it, meet at the Wall no later than 8:00 AM on the 17th. We do not want, nor will we tolerate a repeat of what happened at the U.S. Capitol. Rolling Thunder members be sure to wear your Rolling Thunder vests on the 17th. Show your support to our Troops, to those who sacrificed their lives in the past Wars and to protect our Memorials. Hope you can make it.

As a result ANSWER has changed their tune. Now they're posting this

We will not be in the Vietnam Memorial and all speakers for amplified sound are turned away from the Memorial so as not to interfere with family members visiting the site.

Heh heh.

Update II

Kristinn Taylor's Citizens Report on Iraq provides excellent information on the situation there that you won't find elsewhere. Download it, and if you read nothing else go though pages 68-75; "There is no Anti-War Left in America". Here's an excerpt

What the media call antiwar protesters are actually pro-terrorist propaganda exercises organized by Marxist front groups whose leaders cut their teeth cheerleading the North Vietnamese communists to victory in the Sixties and Seventies, who spent their time in the Eighties aiding Marxist guerrillas in Central America and working with the Soviet Union on its nuclear freeze propaganda program, and in the Nineties organizing anti-capitalism riots while propping up Cold War remnant leftist dictators like Fidel Castro, Slobodan Milosevic, and Saddam Hussein.

Read it and you'll learn all about the origins of International ANSWER and other "anti-war" groups.

In addition to the information on leftist groups, the report covers much else that you don't usually find in the news. From the press release announcing the report

In the Citizens Report on Iraq, readers will learn that progress is being made in Iraq; there are large areas of Iraq that are safe and prospering; that the enemy is being killed and wounded in astounding proportion to American casualties; that the reporting on Iraq by the dominant media is universally despised as inaccurate and misleading by those fighting for Free Iraq -- Americans and Iraqis alike; that the so-called antiwar movement, including the organizers of this past weekend's protest in Washington, is led by terrorist supporting Marxists as part of a global alliance seeking America's defeat in the Global War on Terror and that a prominent White House correspondent has allied herself with one of these groups.

Check it out.

Update III

Check out this video from Melanie Morgan of Move America Forward on the "These Colors Don't Run" National Caravan.

Update IV

Michell Malkin says in a hotair video "How many times have you (watched moonbats) thought to yourself 'what can I do? . Put down the remote control, kick off your slippers, get rid of the chips, and get off your rear end!" She and Bryan Preston will be there, she promises.

And if you doubt my description of ANSWER as a bunch of communists, don't believe me, believe David Corn, the leftist writer for The Nation. Here's a reprint of his October 2002 article in which he exposes ANSWER as a front group for the Workers World Party.

Update VI

The communists at ANSWER are definately spooked. Not only have they removed all references to the Vietnam Memorial from their website, they've cancelled the rally at the jumpoff site too. Here's their latest garbage

There will not be a rally at the assembly area, as we want to hit the streets and march to the Pentagon. There will be a rally at the Pentagon. It is important that everyone make the effort to get to the assembly location at 23rd and Constitution early. Try to get to the site by noon - don't miss the march! If you are coming by bus or driving from out of town, make sure your group is leaving early enough to get you to the assembly site no later than noon.

At the assembly site, between 8 a.m. and 12:30, there will be a pre-march People's Assembly in the park at 23rd and Constitution. Contingents and organizations will be providing information displays and literature tables. We will be joined by the famous Bread and Puppet Theater. There will be children's activities, including sign-making for the march, where our children can also pick up anti-war balloons. There will be a large Impeach Bush tent with impeachment materials and a place for impeachment advocates from around the country to gather and meet.

Patriots will still meet at the Vietnam Memorial early that morning. Be there if you can.

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February 3, 2007

Videos: Leftist Anti-War Protesters Abusing the Troops Parts II & III

In Part I you saw videos of the abuse Iraqi war veterans took at the hands of the "peace protesters" who converged on our nation's capital last Saturday. In my original report I provided a chronology of the day's events, posted some photos, and described some of the chants used by each side. I also exposed United for Peace and Justice, the organization who sponsored the event, for the extremist group they are.

For a full explanation of the videos below and day's events, follow the links above. Suffice it to say for now that several thousand "anti-war" protesters marched along Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington DC, and about forty of us stood in North Senate Park to counter them. Among our group were several Iraqi war veterans.

In parts II and III you'll see more abuse that the lefties heaped on our Iraq war veterans. The pictures look dark at times because it was late afternoon and the sun was behind the protesters, and so was coming right at the camera.

Once again, you'll hear the protesters calling our veterans cowards. You'll see their vulgar signs, and various messages of hate. Funny how almost none of the mainstream media outlets see fit to print or show this stuff. But then, they almost never tell you that among the member groups in United for Peace and Justice is the Communist Party USA.

Thank you to tgslTakoma for taking these videos and capturing the left in all their moonbat glory.

Last is Part III, in which tgslTakoma captured the end of the march and some of what happened afterwards.

In Part I, you saw how, four of the "peace protesters" threaten Iraq war veteran Joshua Sparling. In this next video, you'll see how after the march they came up behind us and stood maybe fifty feet away, carrying stakes without any posters on them. It didn't take a genius to figure out that they were probably up to no good, so tgslTakoma called the police, who escorted them away.

You'll also hear one of the leftis say that the war is all about Halliburton, "follow the money", and all sorts of other conspiracy stuff. Yawn.

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February 2, 2007

Videos: Leftist Anti-War Protesters Abusing the Troops

In my report on the Freeper counter to the anti-war protest organized by United for Peace and Justice I related how the lefties insulted our soldiers time and again. One of our number, tgslTakoma, took video which proves it. She helpfully provides subtitles where it's hard to hear what's being said.

If you're not familiar with these, click the arrow in the center to play

Here's another video of a Fox News segment where Joshua Sparling is being interviewed by Alan Colmes.

Joshua describes the scene as "The most angry peace march that I've ever witnessed". I was right there with him the whole time, and I'll second that.

The leftists who participated in the "peace march" were about the most hateful crowd I've ever seen. There were thousands of them and only about forty of us, yet our mere presence drove many of them into paroxysms of rage.

Joshua, his girlfriend, and father also appeared on Fox and Friends. "I received more fingers that day than I've ever seen before." There's also a surprise at the end of the segment. Don't miss it.

Here's the original hate mail that he received that they refer to in the segment.

Caveat; no I am not lumping everyone who is against the war in Iraq into this category. As I said in my original report on the event, United for Peace and Justice and it's affiliated groups are on the extremist fringe.

But if you want to get an idea of some of the hate that is directed at the troops who served in Iraq and dare to publically say that they support our efforts there, go to YouTube and look at some of the comments that have been left under the videos I posted above. Here's a sample of what was left in response to the last video above

bloodstomper (4 hours ago) Joshua Sparling, listen up! When you proposed to your girlfriend right there on Fox television the other day, you revealed yourself to be a tactless little twit who'd do anything for a few more minutes in the national glare.

I'm surprised she didn't spit at you.

p4cific (1 day ago)
that's true,kinda crude way to "force" the girl to accept

tonelook (1 day ago)
Any videos, any pictures, any proof?

Tofucactus (1 day ago)
Attention Ho. He's whining about a protester who argued with him. Josh was standing under an effigy of Jane Fonda hanging by a noose; chanting "Code Pink Kills". It's newsworthy that somebody argued with him?

Josh says the guy spat on him. I'd believe that if Josh had also told us about the retired Army Colonel and Code Pink speaker who, over the PA system, pointed him out in the crowd, identified him by name and thanked him for his service, despite his booing and thumbs-downing.

wntoply6 (1 day ago)
well, not exactly nepatriot, the biggest outright hypocrisy THERE EVER HAS BEEN is george w bush, and his lying, ignorant bigoted neo con party. look first in the mirror before you start sharing that term with others. communist-led ha! what a stupid fool you are. do you like just throwing words around for the hell of it? you damn fool.

WwRRJJ234 (1 day ago)
"heh heh,er um,i'm the decider by god,heh heh,er uh,must stay the course,er heh heh,rummy will stay as sec def,er you'll see heh heh,dick(cheney)didn't shoot him on purpose,er uh,fool me once er um,fool me again,cause i'm still a fool. bin laden?hell i don't know where he's at,er ah,i don't think about him much heh heh,it undermines the troops heh heh"

Halo4Lyf (1 day ago)
Tell me, in what way have I lied? Lying consists of two things: a falsehood and intent to spread it. You have not presented evidence of me knowingly spreading a falshehood, so it is you who sins by making false accusations.

repsac3 (1 day ago)
Where's Ann Coulter now that this poor amputee is exploiting his victimhood in the name of right wing politics? Wonder what foul name she'll be calling him, and how soon that'll be? (If she actually ever did--which we all know will never happen--I'd defend Mr Sparling's right to speak out, just as I did Ann's other victims.)

Can we question their patriotism now?

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January 27, 2007

Countering United for Peace and Justice in Washington DC

United for Peace and Justice, the big left-wing umbrella group, held a large anti-war protest on the mall today in Washington DC, and I was at the Free Republic counter-rally. It was a pretty wild day, and a complete report and photos follow.

UPJ consists of 90 national groups, and over 1,200 state or foreign ones. According to David Horowitz' excellent Discover the Network database on left-wing groups and people, they were formed on October 25, 2002, at the headquarters of the People for the American Way. The purpose, he says, was "to put a milder face on the anti-war movement", since up until then most anti-war protests had been organized by groups such as International ANSWER, Global Exchange, and Not In Our Name. These three groups were known for their extreme radicalism and ties to outright communist people and groups.

So did they succeed in putting that "milder face" on the anti-war movement? I went to their website and downloaded their national member list. Here are a few of the groups

CODEPINK: Women for Peace
Communist Party USA
Democratic Socialists of America
RainbowPUSH Coalition (Jesse Jackson)
Young Communist League (YCL)

Doesn't sound very mild to me.

But on to the events of the day. My first stop was the Navy Memorial on Pennsylvania Avenue. Code Pink had organized a pre-rally there, and the freakshow was off to a start.

FreeRepublic had set up a counter-rally across the street. After arriving, I joined them.
Here's the view from our position (as always, click to enlarge)


After they got underway at 10am, I decided to venture over there to see if I could get any better photos and maybe identify some of the more prominent leftists.

What is it with the left and their sexual double entendres? For that matter, what is it about them that they have to dress up in all these ridiculous costumes?


Here are Code Pink leaders Media Benjamin and Gael Murphy. Murphy's the one with the raised fist in the center, and Benjamin is right beside her. They were leading the crowd in chants such as "Bring Them Home Now!"


Across the street some of the Free Republic folks had bullhorns. They were shouting

"Code Pink Kills!"
which could be clearly heard from where I was standing when I took the photo above. The charge that they kill is a reference to the trip Medea made to the December 2004 trip she and others took to Fallujah in which she and others basically gave aid and comfort to our enemies. From Discover the Network

During the last week of December 2004, Benjamin announced in Amman, Jordan that Global Exchange, Code Pink, and Families for Peace would be donating a combined $600,000 in medical supplies and cash to the terrorist insurgents who were fighting American troops in Fallujah, Iraq. Said Benjamin, "I don't know of any other case in history in which the parents of fallen soldiers collected medicine ... for the families of the 'other side.'


Next on the podium was US Army Colonel Ann Wright (Ret). After leaving the Army (still in the Retired Ready Reserve), she went to work for the state department, where she resigned over the invasion of Iraq. The Pinkos love her and she seems happy to be their tool. If you think that assessment harsh, consider that in August 2002 she went with them to Jordaon as part of a "peace delegation". See here , here, and here.

I heard her mention Joshua Sparling, who I had seen across the street with his father Mike and the Freepers earlier. Follow the link for the full story on Joshua, but suffice it for now to say that neither he nor his father are any friends of anti-war types. I know Mike fairly well from our Walter Reed Freeps. Anyway, I wasn't able to clearly hear what the Col said, so I continued wandering the crowd taking pictures. Later I discovered that he had gone over to make his pro-war views known to the Pinios. They invited him to say a few words at their podium, which he apparently did. Later he told me that they were very polite, so hats off where deserved.

Jane Fonda and Dick Gregory were there, and each spoke briefly. I kept trying to get photos of them, but there wasn't really a stage, it was hard to get close, and everytime I got them in the viewfinder and hit the button someone moved in the way. My cheap digital camera seems to have a small delay which is frustrating in these circumstances.

Media Benjamin introducted Fonda as "The Woman who freed our vaginas!"

You just can't make this stuff up.

Media and Gael then led the crowd in a series of chants. I wrote two of them down

Two, Four, Six, Eight, Who Do We Incarcerate? Bush! Bush!

Congress, Congress, Hear Us Shout! Women, Say; Pull Out!

Here's one more crowd shot of the Pinkos


But the Freakshow had only begun.

On To The March

By about 11:00 the Pinkos were done, and their protest broke up, with everyone heading to the Mall to join the rest of the UPJ gathering.

I didn't make it to the actual Mall where UPJ protesters were, but a map of their assembly area that you can download from their site shows booths for a whole variety of leftist groups; nuclear disarmament, anti-Israel, lesbian/gay/bisexual, anti-Guantanamo, you name it. Ever notice that they have a hard time staying on message?

The UPJ schedule was to hold a large protest in front of the Capitol building on the Mall, and then march along Constitution Avenue to the other side of the Capitol, then double back and march back to the Mall. The police had divided Constitution Ave in half lengthwise so that marchers coming and going wouldn't get intermingled.

Free Republic had secured a permit for a counter-protest at a park across Constitution Ave from the Senate wing of the Capitol building. There were two lines of fencing making for about a 30 foot space in between and where we would be, and after the fence nearest us there was a sidewalk, and we were told by our organizer to stand behind the sidewalk in the park itself. At the time it it seemed like a good plan to keep the two sides separate. I've counter-protested several of these anti-war demonstrations, and common sense says it's a good idea to keep people separate in situations where tempers might get out of hand.

Unfortunately, things didn't work out so well, and frankly I don't think the police did such a good job this time. Unlike in past demonstrations, this time the police allowed the protesters to come around the barrier at the end of the street and intermingle, or at least walk, on the sidewalk right by where we were standing.

Most of the time the lefties walked by us peacefully, and we held our tongues, but several times tempers flared and people got in each other's faces. I resolve ahead of time to keep my cool, and arguing with anyone who's going to march with UPJ is just a waste of time anyway. There's a time to get mad and a time not to. Now was a time to keep your cool.

Here's a shot of some of us, getting ready for the marchers. We numbered about 40, and they in the tens of thousands, but I never saw any full-sized American flags among the protesters. I saw a few small ones, but the few larger ones they had were desecrated with the peace symbol or something. Typical.


Here is our best banner. It's the type I've come to like; a positive message of support for our brave warriors.


Although they were supposed to start their march at 1pm, they were an hour late. Which was annoying to me because I really didn't want to be there all day, but I certainly wasn't going to leave. At this point our troops need our support, and I'm not going to have the leftists have the field to themselves. It seems to drive them nuts that anyone would dare to demonstrate against them, so of course we have to do it.

Unfortunately, the sun was in our faces, which is the worst position for taking photographs. Nevertheless I think most came our reasonably well.

So they started coming by at around 2, and it lasted until just after 4, and it was the usual assortment of nutcases. Here are a few representative photographs. When I get time I'll post more on my flickr account, so come back for that link.



I'll give them this, they're nothing if not creative.

Towards the end, this group came by and did a little song and dance for us. I didn't get the exact words, but they had it down pretty well.


As I mentioned, they hate to be counter-protested. We had a few bullhorns, and did some chants as they walked by. This prompted several to stand and argue with us. Unlike in past demonstrations, this time the police did not move to make them keep walking.


Here's one of the instances when some punk leftie who the police had unwisely let on the sidewalk couldn't control his temper and started gettiing into our faces. He actually had the white scarf-thing pulled up on his nose when he started in on us, typically weird leftie. Unbelievably, he went after Joshua Sparling and his girlfriend. I couldn't catch exactly what was said, but this guy got nasty with the baby-killer routine. In the photo below, Free Republic leader Kristinn is trying to move this idiot way. In case you didn't follow the link above about Joshua, or don't know who he is, he served in Iraq and lost part of his leg. Verbally abusing a wounded soldier is beyone dispicable.


This was actually the second time some idiot leftie got in Joshua's face. The first time his father had to walk between the two of them to cool things off.

There were lots of press there. I saw the New York Times, Associated Press, local news channels and a few others from around the country. Here's Joshua (black sunglasses) giving an interview


Finally the police realized that having lefties mixed up with us wasn't such a hot idea, and they closed off the sidewalk. Too late, I thought, but I guess better late than never. At any rate they did respond quickly a few times when it seemed like tempers were flaring, but if anything serious had broken out people would have been hurt before they could have intervened.


There weren't many chants this time, it seemed, but I made a few notes


End the Occupation, Commies out of DC!


Racist, Sexist, Anti-Gay! Right-wing Bigots, Go Away

Enlist! Enlist!

The Lefties Favorite

At all anti-war demonstrations I've counter-protested, the lefties always make point of asking if we have served. They do seem to love their chickenhawk argument.

But it's a no win situation. If we say we didn't serve, we're chickenhawks. But it doesn't do you any good if you did serve, either. Standing right beside me was a guy who'd done two tours in Iraq. When a leftie came by with his Enlist! Enlist! chant, here's what happened:

Leftie: Enlist!

Vet: I did! I served two tours in Iraq!

Leftie: Then if you like it so much go back!

I heard this exchange several other times with lefties and guys among us who were vets. You just can't win.

At the ANSWER anti-war demonstration Sept 24 2005, I had this exchange with a leftie demonstrator:

Leftie: Did you serve?

Me: If I had, would you then support the war?

Leftie: No

Me: Then what difference does it make?

The leftie stood there in stunned silence. I had my answer.

At around 4ish they stopped coming by and we broke down.

Does Any of It Matter?

In a way, not really. Despite their numbers on the Mall, the member groups of United for Peace and Justice are a bunch of whackjobs that represent very few Americans. And it would be foolish to try and extrapolate public opinion from the relative numbers of groups today. It wasn't the anti-war left protesters that forced an end to US troops in Vietnam, it was middle-class public opinion. President Bush and General Petraeus have until the next election cycle to get Iraq right. I certainly hope they succeed, and think the latest plan to be a good one and very much worth trying.

Ok, one last photo of some of the lefties who got mixed up among us.


I told you it was a freakshow.

News Coverage

Here's what I've found so far

New York Times

Washington Post

Fox News

Washington Times


Blog Coverage

Whatever you do, be sure to check out Age of Hooper (via LGF) He's got some must watch video of the freaks in all their glory.

Lifelike Pundits also has some photos and a video of the Freeper rally across from the Navy Memorial.

More Photos

Don't miss the additional photos I took which I posted at Photobucket. Not all of them are up yet, and I'll finish tomorrow or Tuesday so come back then.

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October 24, 2006

Walter Reed Freep #79 - October 20, 2006 - Keeping the Faith

Head on over to FreeRepublic for a full report and photos. The author this week is none other than yours truly

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September 26, 2006

Support the Troops Weekend - After Action Report

My apologies that it has taken me several days to get this post up, but life has been keeping me very busy.

The bottom line is that we had two successful Support the Troops weekend events. Following are photos and a complete report.

There were two main events: Friday evening September 22 outside of Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington DC, and Saturday afternoon, September 23, at the Sylvan Theater near the Washington Monument, also in Washington DC.

Support the Troops 2006 was sponsored by, the DC Chapter of, Military Families Voice of Victory, and the Protest Warriors. I'm not sure if I'm officially a member of FreeRepublic but I've got a Freeper screen name and have participated in most of their events over the past year so I suppose that's good enough.


Day 1 - Walter Reed Army Medical Center

This Friday marked our 75th straight Friday outside of Walter Reed. Our objectives are twofold; one, as a show of support for the troops, especially those on the bus which returns from a DC restaurant every Friday evening (more below). Second, to keep the radical leftist group Code Pink away from the entrance. Complete reports on all Walter Reed "freeps" can be found here. My own personal accounts of these and other rallies can be found here and here. I have been participating since August 2005.

We usually have 20-40 people show up for our Friday night freeps, but on this night I estimate we had well over 50. Our number were swelled partially due to the large number of George Washington University Republicans who joined us. They were quite an enthusiastic bunch and brought a lot of energy to our rally.

Here is our MOAB ("Mother Of All Banners") which was directly across from the main entrance to the hospital.

Here are two more of the MOAB with lots of supporters incuding many of the GW Republicans


Here are some pro-troops supporters at the main entrance to the hospital. I took this photo from the corner where the MOAB was displayed.

Down the street about half a block are the radical supporters of Code Pink. As I was taking this photo Pinko leader Gael Murphy drove up and parked right in front of me. She asked what I was doing and I told her what whe perfectly well knew, that I was taking photos of her people. She held out some radical literature which I took. I'm always interested in that stuff so I figured why not? It turned out to be pretty standard stuff and not very interesting.


If you're not familiar with Code Pink, I've got a lot posted about them on this site, just go to the Categories section at right and see either The Left or Rallies and Protests. However, two pieces that explain matters pretty well can be found here (scroll down to where it says "The Case Against Code Pink) and here.

Code Pink used to occupy the corners right outside the entrance to the hospital, but we got the permit when they forgot to renew it last January.

At some point during the evening some lady came by to argue with us. I think that she was from the Pinkos, but am not entirely sure. I'll find our more when the official after-action report comes out on and will link to that. As you might imagine she was quickly surrounded and an "enthusiastic" discussion ensued.

Interestingly, the Pinkos show little interest in debating or arguing with us when we go down there. Several times over the past year wounded soldiers from the hospital have gone down to where the Pinkos are standing to tell them what they think of them (hint; it isn't good). For a group that holds "We Support the Troops But Oppose the War" signs, most of them ignore the troopers.

Two weeks ago Milblogger SMASH went down to the Pinkos and told them off royally. He's got audio and pictures on his website. Don't miss it.

The Troop Bus

Every Friday evening several local charities (organized or partially sponsored by the Italian Embassy) take a busload of wounded troops and their visiting families out to a local restaurant. They return to the main entrance sometime between 9 and 11pm. When they do, the bus slows and the driver turns on the inside lights. We go crazy waving our signs and banners and they wave at us.

In case you think this doesn't mean anything, two weeks ago an Army Captain and a Command Sergeant Major, all of the 101st Airborne Division drove up, parked, got out, and the following conversation ensued

The two men were clearly delighted at seeing this unambiguous show of support not just for the troops, but for their mission. "Wow! We're just back for ten days and we came to visit some of our men in the hospital," one of them related. "Seeing this is just fantastic -- thank you!" he exclaimed, to which we returned a volley of "No, thank you! We thank you!

"When we're in Iraq, it's so great to know you're here," he continued.

"How do you know we're here?" I asked.

"The Internet -- we knew there were people like you out here while we were in Iraq," he smiled, "and we appreciate it! How about some photos?" They lined up the group of young people and snapped several shots before jumping back into the vehicle with broad grins and waves, and more shouts of "Thank you for your service!" from FReepers.

In addition, I've talked to dozens of troops at the hospital in the past year I've been doing this and can tell you that they are all very happy that we are outside.

Day 2 - The Support the Troops Rally in Washington DC

The main event for Support the Troops Weekend took place from noon until 3 at Sylvan Theater, an outdoor mini-arena which is in one of the corners of the large field where the Washington Monument stands.

First off was an opening ceremony. We said the Pledge of Allegiance, sang the Star Spangled Banner, and a military chaplain said an invocation. Kristinn Taylor, co-founder and current president of the DC chapter of, moderated the event. Kristinn organizes the Friday night Walter Reed Freeps as well as many other rallies and counter-protests. The flag was made by children at Ft Benning after 9/11


Over the next few hours we heard from several speakers.

* Larry Schweikart – co-author of Patriots History of the United States
* Mychal Massie - Project 21
* Richard August - father of Cpt Matthew J. August, KIA 1/27/04, Iraq
* Capt. Larry Bailey, USN Ret. – Vets for the Truth
* Ray and Becky Davis - Military Families Voice of Victory
* Diana Irey - Washington County Commissioner, Pennsylvania, and running for Congress against Jack Murtha
* Nikki Mendicino - POW/MIA activist
* Kevin Martin - Project 21; veteran, USN
* Eve Tidwell - God Bless Ft. Benning
* Frank Schaeffer – co-author of AWOL, author Faith of Our Sons-a Father's Wartime Diary
* Wes Vernon - Accuracy in Media
* Evan Sayet - Writer/Entertainer
* Leo Flood, father of son who served in Iraq and Afghanistan
* Richard Linn, father of LCpl. Karl R. Linn, KIA 1/26/05, Iraq
* Kristinn Taylor, D.C. Chapter of

In addition, writer and radio talk-show host Mark Levin was good enough to pre-record a 5 or 10 minute message which was played towards the beginning of the program.

Here is Larry Bailey speaking

Another crowd view with some of the flags we had.

No rally would be complete without a few anti-war heckers. We ignored them and they went away. I quoted Ann Coulter to ConcreteBob; "If you're not pissing them off you're not doing your job!" Given that ConcreteBob is the president of the DC chapter of the Protest Warriors, and the person who got the permit away from Code Pink for the entrance to Walter Reed, he was one who I knew would appreciate the quote.

Channel 4 News came by and did a few interviews. I searched their site but haven't been able to find anything about the rally on it. The Washington Times had a reporter there and they did an honest story on the event. Their estimation of 70-100 people was what I counted also. Conservatives just don't draw large crowds for these things. It's just not in our culture.

Diana Irey, the lady running against Jack Murtha, gave a good talk. From what I read the Democrats are putting lots of money into the race to make sure they don't suffer the embarrassment of a Murtha loss, so while I doubt that she'll win at least we're putting up a good candidate.

Closing Ceremonies

Finally - all true pro-troop patriots reading this who can swing by Washington DC for a weekend are welcome to join us Friday nights at Walter Reed! Don't be shy, we get new people every week. We even serve pizza, so what's not to like? But if you don't find yourself in this area, consider holding your own rallies or counter-protests. There are FreeRepublic and Protest Warrior chapters in most major cities, so you can also contact them. There's probably more going on than you realize. Show your support!

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September 22, 2006

Support The Troops Weekend

This post will remain at the top until September 23. Scroll down for new articles.

What: Rallies to Support the Troops and their Mission

When: Friday, September 22, and Saturday, September 23

Where: Washington DC area


Details Follow

From the Support the Troops Weekend website

Friday, September 22, Morning - Visit offices of Congressmen and Senators in groups to express support for the troops and their mission in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere fighting the war on terrorists. Time TBA. To sign up for this, click here. Please provide your name and that of your Congressman or Senator so we can schedule the meetings.

Friday, September 22, Evening - Gather outside the main gate of Walter Reed Army Medical Center to thank our wounded warriors and their families for their sacrifices and to express support for the mission they have sacrificed so much for. Time: 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Where: 7200 Georgia Avenue, NW, Washington, D.C. (intersection of Georgia Avenue and Elder Street, NW.) Street parking is available. Read the history of the Walter Reed rallies here.

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 23. - THE MAIN EVENT! RAIN OR SHINE. Rally on the grounds of the Washington Monument at the Sylvan Theater. When: Noon to 3 p.m. Plan to arrive early (by 11:30 a.m.) as the rally will start promptly at noon. Real early arrivals can visit the World War II Memorial or other nearby attractions before the rally.

My plans are to be at Walter Reed Friday night, and the Washington Monument Saturday.

If you live anywhere the Washington DC area, or just can take some time off work and have never seen DC, please consider attending. I'm sure you've seen all of my posts about the rallies and counter-protests that I've attended. If not, you can view them all here. I'll tell you this; the troops do find out about what we do both outside of Walter Reed and elsewhere and every one I've spoken with says that it is much appreciated.

I'm going to be upfront with you about the Saturday event; conservative rallies typically don't draw large crowds. Don't expect a sea of people. We're not anti-war libs with nothing else to do all day, and more to the point demonstrating is just not part of the conservative culture. Most conservatives just don't feel comfortable standing around or marching with signs and such. This is understandable as it is historically a leftie thing. Other than the annual Right to Life march, conservative rallies are typically small. But so be it. C-Span will probably be there and historically they've been good to us by keeping their cameras focused on the stage.

If you have questions or would like more information please send me an email: redhunter43 - at -

Hope to see you there!

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